“After my graduation, I was facing challenges with working in a desired career field. Fiona was very helpful and assisted me to grow from within, by working on the roots of my personality. This helped me determine my strengths and areas of improvement, which has put me in a better position when I meet new people or attend interviews. Fiona is also a great mentor. With her guidance, I have not only been more clear about my career trajectory but I have also learned how to showcase my personality in a great way. Fiona has supported me in constantly challenging myself and being intellectually curious, helping me build a growth mindset.”

Nikeeta, Dublin

“After finishing college, I struggled to find a pathway for someone like me: a creative individual with a strong business mindset. Working with Fiona showed me there were many options for someone like me and the steps I needed to take to get there. Fiona helped me build a strong knowledge of the area I wanted to work in which proved very impressive in interviews and resulted in me getting a job I wanted. The company told me I was one of the most ‘researched’ candidates they had ever interviewed and this was all thanks to Fiona”.

Katie, Dublin

“I benefited greatly from working with Fiona, she is very knowledgeable and professional. Fiona helped me with interview preparation, she drew on her past experience and insight to help me successfully in securing a new role. Working with Fiona, I learnt how to prepare my interview answers to the job specification and how to structure my answers around my own experiences”.

Colin, Dublin.

“Fiona helped me to figure out which Masters programme would be best aligned with my specific desires, and helped me hugely with the application process. Not only was my experience with Fiona helpful, but Fiona made everything so enjoyable, understandable, and a lot more manageable than it would have been had I been working on my own! Thanks to all of her help I am so excited to be starting the MSc Finance and Accounting Programme at Imperial College London in September 2021”.

EMcC, Dublin.

“Fiona helped me hugely in making a really important and difficult career decision. She helped me work through my thoughts in a logical and objective way and gave me the courage to be brave and believe in myself and my ability to take on the challenge with enthusiasm. She has great energy, understanding and compassion for the whole person. She gave me a huge amount of time and her fresh approach and can do attitude was infectious. I have taken the first hardest step now and I am really excited about my next career move”.

Fran, Dublin

“Fiona was a massive help to me in figuring out my next steps. She guided me by giving me small tasks and frequent check-ins meant I stayed focused and had more clarity in my plan than had I been doing it alone. Fiona is extremely patient and reminds you that your next career step isn’t an overnight process. She is truly interested and invested in her client outcomes and ultimately their happiness!”

Kerry, Dublin

“It was great to have Fiona in my corner during the interview season. Fiona provided me with the confidence and know-how to nail my interviews. She challenged me with demanding questions which made me reflect a lot on the skills I have and on my self-perception, preparing me for those awkward moments during interviews. Thank you Fiona for all your help”.

Eoin, Dublin

“Working with Fiona was a pleasure. She drastically improved my CV to improve my chances of landing my dream job. She helped me to realise what I wanted to achieve in my career and guided me to get ‘the job’ and not ‘any job’. Thank you Fiona for aiding me with my transition from a university student to a working professional”.

Jake, Dublin

“My eldest son is in final year college. He was applying for accountancy grad programmes, and Fiona gave him the confidence he needed to handle both the recorded preliminary interview and the in person final interview. He got the programme he wanted and was very complimentary of the straightforward way Fiona guided him on how to prepare. I would recommend Fiona highly”.

​Alison (Parent), Dublin