Resolve Careers | Corporate Solutions
Are You
  • Looking for help to navigate your career journey?
  • Having no luck with job or internship search?
  • Lost in the careers’ information overload?

Our Approach

Together we can develop a road map of your options (e.g. Masters, Graduate programme or “the” first job) and plan your steps to deliver your preferred outcome.  

We will help you (a) grow your understanding of the professional working environment, (b) conduct industry & employer research to better understand the nuances of roles within various career fields, (c) build network awareness and, (d) improve your interview preparation.

Coaching Themes

  • Identifying skills, career map and action plan.
  • Industry and employer research.
  • Build network awareness.
  • Job search preparation.
  • Review of CV, Linkedin profile, Masters applications.
  • Interview preparation.

Benefits of Coaching

  • Provides a framework for career selection.
  • Allows a confidential, non-bias space.
  • Increases self-awareness, encourages strategic thinking.
  • Helps to align career choices to your values and strengths.
  • Relevant industry & employer research.
  • Brings structure and clarity to reduce uncertainty and anxiety.
Resolve - Benefits of Coaching