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Are You
  • Looking to empower individuals as leaders?
  • Helping individuals to create change in themselves or others?
  • Managing an inter-dependent high performance team?
  • Looking for team building workshops?

Our Approach

To provide a confidential and safe environment for individual or team assessment and coaching.  To develop an understanding of individual & team delivery and working dynamics.  To improve performance through identification of real or perceived issues, action planning and direct engagement.  

Resolve Careers | Corporate Solutions
Resolve Careers | Corporate Solutions - Coaching Themes

Coaching Themes

  • Team or individual coaching to build awareness of “team” & “self” dynamics.
  • Build confidence and trust in working groups.
  • Ensuring roles and goals are clear.
  • Alignment of core values to action.

Benefits of Coaching

  • Confidential space for individual or team development and performance improvement.
  • Support for organisational change management and team dynamics.
  • Better alignment of business strategy and implementation.
  • Increased self-discovery and improved team inter-dependence.
Resolve Careers | Corporate Solutions - benefits of coaching