Resolve Careers | Corporate Solutions
Are You
  • Looking to take your career in a new direction, returning to the workplace or considering a redundancy package?
  • Stuck in a career rut?
  • Unclear where to start on a career search?

Our Approach

To help identify career change and possibilities in a positive, supportive environment.  Use transferable skills & values assessments to map career options & goal setting.  

RESOLVE focuses on decision making and action planning to achieve progress. 

Resolve Careers | our approach
Resolve Careers | coaching themes

Coaching Themes

  • Understand your internal compass – values, strengths and emotional intelligence.
  • Discover your Why!
  • Career options analysis, and managing change.
  • Building your network, and authentic self presentation.

Benefits of Coaching

  • Objective non-bias sounding board.
  • Structured decision making.
  • Creating a career change mindset. 
  • Increase self-awareness & self confidence.
  • Focus on strategic thinking, and alignment of choices and goals. 
  • Alleviation of stress and anxiety.
Resolve Careers | benefits of coaching