Resolve Careers | Corporate Solutions
Are You
  • Transitioning into a new role/C-suite?
  • Considering next steps in your career journey?
  • Seeking to influence upwards?
  • Struggling with an issue/conflict at work?
  • Looking to review your transferable skills & competencies?
  • Wanting to develop your emotional Intelligence?

Our Approach

To  build confidence and empower you to become your own best advocate. To highlight your strengths and values, clarifying your career aspirations.

To help you to understand management styles and remove perceived “roadblocks”.   To explore career options (both internally and externally) and develop a plan of action for next 3-5 years.

Resolve Careers | Business Professional Coaching Our Approach
Resolve Careers | Business Professional Coaching

Coaching Themes

  • Transferable skills, values and strengths review. 
  • Understanding factors and roadblocks to career progression.
  • Managing and influencing upwards.
  • Setting out career expectations and specific goals.
  • Strategic thinking, and planning around career advancement. 

Benefits of Coaching

  • Confidential, sounding board.
  • Clearer perspective on issues/conflict.
  • Learn to communicate with influence.
  • Increase self-awareness.
  • Identity “unrealised strengths”.
  • Clarity on purpose & goals.
  • Specific progression planning. 
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